Public chat open NOW in the Floundering Zone – it’s the 25 Genomes finale!

Thanks for registering in the Floundering Zone as part of 25 Genomes.

Your votes will help decide which five UK species will have their DNA fully sequenced by the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute as part of it’s 25th Anniversary celebrations.

You’re invited to join the Species Champions for a drop-in Live Chat, open now!

This is your last chance to meet the scientists and wildlife experts championing the species in the competition.

Voting will close at 3pm, when we will announce the winners in the chat!

How to chat

1. Make sure you’ve logged in at the side of the Floundering Zone homepage

2. Click the Chat icon at the top of the page to meet the Species Champions!

3. Live Chats in all Zones will be open, so you can meet Species Champions across all five zones! To head to another Zone, just click the option to chat there in the menu bar.

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