• Question: do you like bugs ?????

    Asked by aliyah ahmet to Barbastelle Bat, Eurasian Otter, European Flat Oyster, Glow Worm, Lundy Cabbage, Scaly Cricket, Scottish Wildcat, Spot Fly, Strapwort on 23 Nov 2017.
    • Photo: Scottish Wildcat

      Scottish Wildcat answered on 23 Nov 2017:

      Depends how hungry I am!

      Normally, no, but we do eat invertebrates occasionally when there is nothing else to eat…

    • Photo: Barbastelle Bat

      Barbastelle Bat answered on 27 Nov 2017:

      Barbastelle bats LOVE bugs! Most bats, including barbastelles, eat mainly insects so they rely heavily on there being lots of insects around.

    • Photo: Scaly Cricket

      Scaly Cricket answered on 27 Nov 2017:

      Bugs are great. Insects are by far and away the dominant life form on the planet in terms of the number of species and their staggering diversity. Study insects and never be bored again!

    • Photo: Eurasian Otter

      Eurasian Otter answered on 28 Nov 2017:

      I LOVE bugs! Love watching them fly, or some swim around me at times. Most importantly, they are eaten by some of the fish that I eat. So without bugs, I probably wouldn’t be around myself!

    • Photo: Glow Worm

      Glow Worm answered on 29 Nov 2017:

      Yes, insects are the best: we have more species and have been around for longer than almost any other land animals. We also like snails, but only to eat!