• Question: how can we help the bats

    Asked by amelia crowe to Barbastelle Bat on 28 Nov 2017.
    • Photo: Barbastelle Bat

      Barbastelle Bat answered on 28 Nov 2017:

      Great question! There are many things that we can do to help bats. Perhaps the most important is helping people understand that bats are important and valuable animals to have around! Apart from helping us in many ways, such as by controlling insect populations and helping to regenerate forests by dispersing seeds in their droppings, they can also teach us a huge amount about ecological and evolutionary processes that we cannot learn from other animals.

      We can also help bats by contributing to their conservation directly, such as by getting involved with local bat groups or joining bat conservation organisations such as the Bat Conservation Trust. Like me, you can become a researcher and to help us understand more about what things are threatening bats and how we can help protect bats from going extinct!