• Question: What diet do they have.

    Asked by 2plus2is4 to Scottish Wildcat, Scaly Cricket, Barbastelle Bat, Eurasian Otter, European Flat Oyster, Glow Worm, Lundy Cabbage, Spot Fly, Strapwort on 21 Nov 2017. This question was also asked by gracebeaumont123, alex khan, caitlin carr, bemvindo rosa, rroy04.
    • Photo: Scottish Wildcat

      Scottish Wildcat answered on 21 Nov 2017:

      Scottish Wildcats like to eat Rabbits, because they are a good meal and relatively easy to catch. However, they also eat mice and voles and will take larger prey, like a Hare, if then can, but that is much more difficult than catching a rabbit. Like other cats, they eat grass if they feel unwell to make themselves vomit and get rid of internal parasites or whatever is making them unwell out of their stomach. Birds are more difficult to catch, but Wildcats will take the opportunity if they think they can catch one and that is why humans persecuted them in the past. If a Wildcat is very hungry, it will eat carrion – the body of another animal that has died or been killed.

    • Photo: Barbastelle Bat

      Barbastelle Bat answered on 27 Nov 2017:

      Barbastelle bats love to eat moths more than anything else, although they do eat other insects as well, such as small flies, lacewings and occasionally spiders! Their diet varies throughout the year depending on when different kinds of insects are around in high numbers. Barbastelles catch their insect prey at night while flying around close to trees, hedgerows and other vegetation.

    • Photo: Eurasian Otter

      Eurasian Otter answered on 27 Nov 2017:

      Eurasian otters are huge fans of fish! We eat salmon, trout, crab, eel and have even been observed eating octopus in Scotland! We can also hunt small birds and other small mammals too, we’re not too fussy!

    • Photo: Scaly Cricket

      Scaly Cricket answered on 27 Nov 2017:

      The precise diet of scaly crickets is still unknown. They are probably omnivorous scavengers, feeding on the strand line, eating a variety of things washed up by the tide.

    • Photo: Glow Worm

      Glow Worm answered on 29 Nov 2017:

      We only eat snails and slugs and we have a really disgusting way of eating: we digest them into a sort of snail soup that we can slurp up without having to chew.